Arms and Armor

Bavarian Parrying Dagger

Overall Length: 16 inches
Blade Length: 11 inches
Point of Balance: 0 inches from cross
Weight: 1.1 lbs
Cross length: 5 inches
Blade width at cross: 1.25 inches
Blade width 2 inches from tip: 0.75 inches

Performance Review: As I've noted in other reveiws it is often hard to quantify a term like performance when dealing with a dagger. Things like "balance point" and "center of percussion" are largely meaningless. A dagger is typically used for close quarters stabbing and in the case of a parrying dagger like this one would also be used in the off hand to push the opponents rapier out of line. This dagger certainly has an adequate point for stabbing, but I cannot make any claims as to how effective it is at pushing an opponent's rapier out of line, since I refuse to offer myself as a target for a rapier lunge. I can say that this dagger is patterned after extant period pieces so I believe since form follows function that this dagger would perform adequately for all the tasks it was designed for.

Appearance: This dagger is up to Arms and Armor's usual high standards when it comes to fit and finish. The blade is clean without ripples or grind marks, the hilt fittings are nicely executed and the wire wrap is outstanding.

Conclusion: This is a one off custom piece designed to be en suite with the Arms and Armor Bavarian rapier. I had originally asked Craig for a Musketeer rapier since I thought that it would be the closest thing in the standard catalogue to the Bavarian rapier. However, when I told Craig this he graciously offered to do a customized parrying dagger for me, for a price only moderately above what a standard model would cost. I recognize that in period parrying dagger and rapier were often not en suite, but still I wanted a matched set and I appreciate Craig's willingness to help me out in that regard. This dagger is up to Arms and Armor's usual high standards and I would recommend looking into purchasing from them if one is in the market for parrying dagger or rapier, in my estimation they provide the best production versions of rapier and parrying dagger available to the U.S. market