Arms and Armor

Bohemian Broad Sword

Overall Length: 44.5 inches
Blade Length: 36.5 inches
Point of Balance: 7.5 inches from cross
Center of Percussion: 22.5 inches from cross
Weight: 2.8 lbs
Pommel type: Writhen Type T variant
Cross type: Writhen Type 10 variant
Blade type: XIIa

Performance Review: Although nearly as large as the German Bastard Sword, the Bohemian broadsword handles in a far different manner. This is a hand-and-a-half sword that can actually be used with one or both hands. This is mostly due to its vastly smaller weight.

Appearance: Another gorgeous piece from A&A the pommel and cross are truly exceptional. The 1/4 fuller is well executed on both sides of the blade. There is no discernible waviness or grind marks. A&A is said to have the the best finish in the production sword business for a reason.