Arms and Armor

Danish Axe

Overall Length: 58 inches
Blade Length: 10 inches
Handle Length: 52.5 inches
Weight: 3 lbs

Performance Review: The hand ax, was probably one of man's first inventions after the spear and fire. The first axes were simply short blades chipped from stone fastened to a lever (haft) to provide more power to a blow. Although the materials changed over time the basic guiding principles of axe design did not. The large two handed war axe is merely a refinement of these principles. This particular model produced by Arms and Armor is a very nice example. This axe has a long handle which allows the user to generate tremendous power hile swinging it. The head is substantial to provide mass and therefore greater impact on the target but the blade is thinned far more then the average wood chopping axe which enables the user to create fearsome, deep cuts on a variety of targets, although that thin blade is undoubtedly not as durable as that of more mundane axes. This axe is fast and light and cuts very well.

Appearance: As with many of the other pole arms I have handled from Arms and Armor this one shows a slightly rougher finish then some of the more refined pieces. There are clearly visible whorls on the steel produced by the buffing machine. Since pole arms were often the weapon of the common soldier in period I would expect that this weapon is still probably more finished then its average Viking era counterpart however. The haft on this example is made of stained ash and is nicely formed.

Conclusion: The Danish Axe from Arms and Armor is a very impressive weapon. It does not have the polished finish of some of Arms and Armors other pieces but it more then adequately represents the type. There is no other example on the production market that I would choose above this one.