Arms and Armor

Knightly Poleaxe

Overall Length: 67 inches
Blade Length: 7.25 inches
Point of Balance: 46 inches from end
Weight: 5.5 lbs
Top Spike Length: 7.5 inches
Hammer Face: 3 inches
Distance of Rondel from base: 39.5 inches

Performance Review: The Arms and Armor knightly poleaxe is a very maneuverable and versatile weapon. It is nicely balanced and the user can quickly transition from strike with the blade or hammer to thrust with the top spike. In a pinch the metal ferrule at the other end of the pole would allow for thrusting or secondary striking techniques with that end as well.

Appearance: Arms and armor has done a good job replicating this poleaxe. The original is listed as A926 in the Wallace Collection and judging from the photos that I have of the original this pollaxe seems to be a near match. The axe blade, top spike and hammer are all nicely built with no noticeable flaws. The decorative punch through the axe blade is clean with no burrs. The axe that obtained was used and the top spike had a been burred over at the very tip but a few seconds with a medium file quickly corrected that inperfection. The langets (there are four) appear to be attached by nails and are nicely recessed into the pole itself. The rondel is plain but serviceable. The only minor aesthetic flaw is that the "L" brackets used on the underside of the rondel are a bit crude but that may very well be true of the original as well I cannot say. The ash pole is of a rectangular cross section with the edged chamfered off. The pole appears to have been stained with some dark stain.

Conclusion: This is almost certainly one of the nicer pole arms currently available on the production market today. It accurately reflects the orignal and is a fine piece of craftsmanship in its own right.