Castle Keep

Ranger Sword

Overall Length: 48.5 inches
Blade Length: 37.5 inches
Point of Balance: 5 inches from cross
Weight: 4.6 lbs
Pommel type: Fantasy Oakeshott Type T variant
Cross type: Oakeshott Type 9
Blade type: Oakeshott Type XIIa
Cross length: 11 inches
Blade width at cross: 2 inches
Blade width 2 inches from tip: 0.75 inches

Performance Review: The first thing that one realizes when seeing a Castle Keep Ranger sword in person is that it is a very large sword. The movie sword that this sword was based on was intended to be a hand and a half sword where this one is really a two hander. It is simply two big and heavy to effectively use with one hand. However with two hands it is completley maneageable and in fact I do not recall thinking anything about the swords reasonably heavy (nearly 5 pounds) weight. The sword tracks very nicely and recovers quickly when two hands are used. The one negative part of this sword from a performance perspective was that the pommel terminated in an extremely sharp point that could potentially be very dangerous to the weilder of the sword.

Appearance: Mr. Miller did an absolutely outstanding job with the execution of this sword. The blade was nicely forged and cleanly finished. The fullers were well executed. The hilt components exhibited no noticeable casting marks and the entire sword was fitted together very tightly. These particular Ranger swords that I had in my possession also had script etched on the blades about 1/3 down the blade from the cross. The etch was perhaps a little fuzzy but still entirely legible.

Conclusion: This sword is a reasonable performer for a sword of its size although some modifications to the pommel might be in order. The aesthetic appeal of this sword is outstanding although I would forgo the etched script were I to purchase a copy of the Castle Keep Ranger. If someone is looking for an actually usable Ranger style sword this one is certainly worth a look.