Jody Samson

Martian Longsword

Overall Length: 46.5 inches
Blade Length: 37.25 inches
Point of Balance: 0.5 inches from cross
Center of Percussion: 23 inches from cross
Weight: 3.3 lbs

Performance Review: As in most cases I could not do any actual cutting with this sword as it belonged to a customer. Not only that but because of the irreplaceable nature of this piece I would not have dreamed of cutting with the sword anyway even if the customer had been so careless as to give their permission. However, I will say that this sword handled reasonably well, although with the balance point being so close to the hilt the handling did not feel like most historical replicas that I have handled.

Appearance: Jody Samson's legacy will undoubtedly remain as the create of the Conan swords or perhaps as a talented designer of early Benchmade Balisongs, however, I personally will always remember him now for this sword. This sword is absolutely gorgeous. The blade is absolutely incredibly done with brilliantly executed grinds. The hilt furniture is nicely built and the fit and finish are immaculate for this piece. The rayskin grip has been dyed green with perfectly compliments the gold color of the fittings and the steel of the blade. This sword appears to be exactly like the one of the pulp science fiction novel from so long ago, it's a tour de force for the master that Jody Samson was.

Conclusion: I'm not a fantasy sword collector, although as I have mentioned in the past Samson almost makes me forget that sometimes. Of all the Samson swords I've handled however, this is the one that I covet the most. Unfortunately, there will not be any more of them made by Mr. Samson due to his untimely passing. This particular model that I was privileged to work on was number 6 of 10. That's right, there are only 9 other of these swords currently in existence. If one becomes available to you don't hesitate to snap it up... or better yet let me know and I'll remove the temptation for you.