Tritonworks is proud to offer the following services.

Blade polishing - $20

A standard polish will remove all surface rust and corrosion and most scratches. If your sword is in need of more work the price can be discussed on an individual basis.

Blackened pommel and cross Hot Salts Blueing - $65

The pommel and cross are blackened with the Nitre Salts method used in the gunsmithing industry for decades. The color is a deep black and consistent through the piece. Please note that this method cannot be used on non-ferrous metals.

Fire Blueing - $25

The pommel and cross are blackened by heating them up to a red heat and then quickly quenching them. The color is typically a light gray often with iridescent variations.

Handle Building - $40

I can build a handle custom-matched to your sword.

Handle Wrapping - $40

Have a handle wrap to match the leather color of your new scabbard. Unless the handle has a very unusual shape wraps are typically stitched and then shrunk to fit.

Ruggedized gun case Ruggedized shipping - $30

I have had some interest in providing shipping in a ruggedized gun case to insure that poor handling practices by various package delivery companies does not damage valuable items. Therefore I am offering shipping in ruggedized gun case for a flat fee of 30 dollars in addition to the normal shipping fee.