Decorative elements

Decorative elements give your scabbard that little extra something it needs to show that it is something special. Our ancestors tended to like very flamboyant decoration on their arms and armor, but I've found that today's customer likes things to be a bit more understated. If you want the gaudy to the simple or anything in between, I can supply what you are looking for.

Note that the items I have pictured below are just some examples of elements I have. I have many more and have access to just about anything that you desire. If you want something to match your coat of arms, your favorite animal etc, simply ask.

Cast pewter decorative elements

Boar head Boar head
This is a nice heavy duty accent cast in solid pewter.
Lion head Lion head
Lion head accent, another solid heavy accent cast in solid pewter.
Saint Julian's cross Saint Julian's cross
Julian was the patron saint of wandering bards. Accent in solid pewter.
Lion rampant Lion rampant
The lion rampant was seen on many medieval coats of arms. This one is in solid pewter.
Griffin Griffin rampant
The fanciful griffin was also popular in medieval heraldry. This medallion is in solid pewter.
Thistle Thistle
The thistle is the symbol of the prickly and independent Scots. This one is in solid pewter.
The fleur-de-lis is the traditional symbol of France. This one is in pewter.
Eagle accent, pewter.
Three-pointed knot
Three-pointed knot, also known as the Trinity knot, in pewter.
Generic decorative elements
Various generic decorative elements in pewter.
Unicorn heraldic device. Solid pewter.
Stag heraldic device. Solid pewter.
Scallop heraldic device. Associated with Saint James, the symbol of the scallop marked those who had made pilgrimage to the shrine dedicated to him in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Solid pewter.
Eagle heraldic device. Solid pewter.
Dragon heraldic device. Solid pewter.
Two-headed eagle
Two-headed eagle heraldic device. Solid pewter.
Swan heraldic device. Solid pewter.
Lion rampant
Lion rampant heraldic device. Solid pewter.
Square celtic knot
Square celtic knotwork pattern in solid pewter.
Wolf head
Wolf's head in solid pewter.

Leather stampwork

Celtic stamps
Round and square celtic knot stamps.

Wire decorations

Wire decoration
Wire decoration helps delineate your scabbard. It was often used in period for decorative work on sword pommels and hilts. This is an example of the sort of work we typically do with twisted wire. (We will be adding a better picture as soon as possible.)

Leather braiding

Decorative braiding
Here in one of our earlier efforts we used braided leather in the suspension system for a Del Tin Falchion.
Decorative braiding
Here is a pair of double braided fantasy-type scabbards.