Arms and Armor

Dragon Warhammer

Overall Length: 21.5 inches
Head Length: 7 inches
Hammer Length: 6.25 inches
Weight: 3.1 lbs

Performance Review: The Arms and Armor Dragon Warhammer has a fanciful look to it, but in use it's a very effective piece of hardware. Most of the weight resides in the head which causes the hammer to hit with considerable force, force which is focused in a very small area thanks to the hammers small face. This is even more true when the "pick" side or dragons tail is used. I have every confidence that this weapon would perform admirably against armored targets.

Appearance: As previously noted this warhammer is a fanciful design. The "dragon" or small grotesque beast whose body makes up the head is nicely executed with a clean casting and nice definition. The extended head acts as langets and is cleanly polished. The shaft is an unremarkable but nice piece of stained ash. All in all this hammer is an attractive package.

Conclusion: The Arms and Armor dragon warhammer is a fully functional impact weapon with a somewhat fanciful design. The piece is nicely put together and very attractive. Unfortunately the dragon warhammer is no longer part of Arms and Armor's standard catalog but I would highly recommend picking one up if it becomes available on the secondary market.