Arms and Armor

Horseman's Axe

Overall Length: 23.25 inches
Blade Length: 10 inches
Point of Balance: 36 inches from upper rondel
Weight: 3.3 lbs
Handle Length: 7 inches
Backspike Length: 4.5 inches

Performance Review: In the high middle ages armor became more and more effective, with a consequent decrease in the effectiveness of the sword as a side arm and general purpose melee weapon. Consequently the midieval warrior was forced to turn to a variety of heavier more powerful impact weapons which could be used to punch through an opponent's armor or alternately create blunt force trauma no matter what the opponent was wearing. The Arms and Armor horseman's axe is a fine example of just such a weapon. This axe is balanced completely at the head is as to be expected with any axe, but has also been shortened to facilitate its use with one hand from horseback. This particular axe feels particularly useable in the hand and can be swung with little effort. It should be noted that despite weighing in at around the same weight as many medieval swords this axe will focus force on a much smaller area of the blade or backspike creating much more forceful blows. In light test cutting I found that this axe to be devastating.

Appearance: The Arms and Armor's horseman's axe is a simple design. It has a simple half-moon axe blade, a long pick, and an all-metal handle with "rondels," or disks, at the top and the bottom of the grip. The handle between the rondels is then wrapped in cord and covered with leather. All of the components on the example I studied (head, haft, and rondels) were tightly attached with no noticeable gaps at the junctures. The finish of the blade and handle were up to Arms and Armor's usual high standards. The pick was symmetrically shaped and carefully ground to a point.

Conclusion: Aesthetically, this axe by Arms & Armor, although not as highly decorated as some of its ancient counterparts, is still very pleasing. The fit and finish of this axe are excellent and the construction is solid. At its price I believe that this piece is a bargain.