Arms and Armor

Renaissance Axe

Overall Length: 42 inches
Blade Length: 9 inches
Handle Length: 37.5 inches
Weight: 3.7 lbs

Performance Review: This is an interesting piece in that it is somewhere between a long handled axe and a hatchet in size. As such its performance falls somewhere between the two weapons. Although this axe does not provide as much power to the blow as a longer handled axe would it has the advantage of being much handier then a full length polearm. Although it is not as quick as a hatchet in close quarters it gives its user an advantage in reach over shorter weapons and more power as well. All in all it's an odd item. It does a nice jobs with cuts and it's vicious spike is an amazing piercing weapon suitable for going up against even the toughest armor. It would be well suited for something like a liveried guardsman in the service of a lord while in town, providing some extra power but still being handy enough to be used in confined quarters.

Appearance: If this axe looks suspiciously like Arms and Armor's horseman's axe it is with reason. It utilizes the same blade and backspike as that later weapon. I believe that this axe was probably a precursor to that very piece. I am not sure when this weapon was produced I purchased it second hand. This piece was in good shape requiring only some minor polishing. The handle is of ash that has been stained and there is a nice metal ferrule on the non-business end of the axe. The blade showed some small grind marks. The backspike was well formed and still very acute. The axe also has langets at the head on both sides of the haft. These langets are decorated with some excised, geometric lines. As is usual with Arms and Armor this piece is very nicely executed. I would love to know if it was copied from an original piece and really need to ask Craig about that.

Conclusion: This is another piece that I purchased because it was an interesting bit of Arms and Armor history. I was pleasantly surprised however to find out that I really do like it. It's a very handy axe and an interesting "in between" transition piece between a small hatchet or hand axe and the longer polearms. If the opportunity to obtain one ever presents itself I highly recommend it.