Arms and Armor

Spiked Flail

Overall Length: 34.75 inches
Handle Length: 23.75 inches
Chain Length: 11 inches
Weight: 4.3 lbs

Performance Review: I have had absolutely zero experience with any other flail so it is difficult for me to say if this particular model would outperform any other. I can say that the example that I received was solidly built. The handle is a metal tube with an end cap on both ends. On the business end the endcap has a loop to which the substantial chain is attached. The majority of the fairly hefty weight of this item is located in the spiked ball at the end of the chain. The example I received had been used for beating on something and some of the spikes had been slightly deformed by impacts. I was able to fix them with a course file. The ease with which I did this leads me to believe that the ball and the spikes are probably cast and are of mild steel, since they were rather soft. As previously noted, I have no flail experience whatsoever, however I find the weapon in general ungainly and hard to control. The chain was short enough where I was in no danger of smacking my own hand, however recovery from a swing had me in constant danger of hitting myself. I can say that the flail is a devastating weapon when it makes an impact however, I easily demolished an old stump in my yard with it.

Appearance: This is an attractive piece. The handle, chain and ball are all nicely proportioned and polished out appropriately.

Conclusion: This flail is an attractive weapon, but difficult for the novice user to control. In skilled hands it might be very effective in combat but in unskilled hands would probably be more dangerous to the user and his allies then his opponents. This flail is probably the nicest one in current production and is recommended to those who would like a high quality flail.