Angus Trim

Angus Trim Shortsword/Dagger

Overall Length: 22.5 inches
Blade Length: 16.5 inches
Point of Balance: 1 inches from cross
Center of Percussion: 10 inches from cross
Weight: 1 lb
Pommel type: Oakeshott Type T variant
Cross type: Oakeshott 1
Blade type: Shortened Oakeshott Type XII
Cross length: 8 inches
Blade width at cross: 1.75 inches
Blade width 2 inches from tip: 1 inch

Performance Review: This was an interesting sword. When I was negotiating for the price on building the scabbard the owner called it a dagger. When I got it I was pretty sure I had a short sword in hand. However, since no one has ever been able to satisfactorily nail down where big daggers leave off and shortswords begin you may call it what you want. I gave the customer the dagger price for the scabbard. Since this sword is so short it is extremely fast, probably the fastest sword I have ever held. However, for that quickness one must make a sacrifice somewhere and for this particular piece the sacrifice is reach and impact. I was unable to cut with the sword since it belonged to a customer but I suspect that it would have done okay in cutting much like a large knife would but would not have had nearly the power as it's weightier and longer brethren.

Appearance: When I first got the sword it looked like most of its other basic Angus Trim counterparts, that is rather plain in the aesthetics department but functional looking. The blade appears to be a shortened type XII blade. It is well finished with symmetrical and well ground fullers and the tip is also symmetrical. The cross is a simple metal bar with slightly rounded edges. The grip appeared to be stained hickory and the pommel was a turned type T variant so it exhibited no flaws.

Conclusion: This is sort of a fun little sword or dagger. It has the same look as it's larger Angus Trim brethren that is rather plain and functional looking. While it lacks the cutting power of other Angus Trim swords it makes up for that by having more quickness the even your average Angus Trim model which is saying quite a bit. I understand that these are discontinued, but if you ever have a chance to pick one up for a zippy little cutting toy I would recommend you do so.