AK-47 Combat Katana

Overall Length: 29 inches
Blade Length: 18.5 inches
Point of Balance: 2 inches from end of grip
Center of Percussion: N/A
Weight: 2.2 lbs

Performance Review: Busse is primarily a knife maker in the "tactical" knife arena as such I expected that their "combat katana" would handle like a large knife probably more like a machete then anything else. I was therefore pleasantly surprised with the handling characteristics of this little beast. Although it does not feel the same as one would expect a similar sized Japanese styled sword to feel the AK-47 manages to deliver a cut with authority without being prohibitively blade-balanced. The long handle has a textured grip and is comfortable in the hand. The sword's short length (a mere 29 inches total of which 10.5 inches is handle) insures that is is a quick little cutter as well. In short although it handles no more traditionally then it looks it is nonetheless a nice cutter to swing and could undoubtedly make short work of light targets and would probably handle relatively effectively against heavier targets as well.

Appearance: As noted before Busse is a "tactical" knife maker and the AK-47 owes much of its styling and appearance to traits inherited from that background. The handles on this particular model were micarta although G-10 and aluminum handles are also available. The handle is of the "slab" tang type in which the grip slabs are attached to the side of the tang via fasteners and the tang is still visible in the middle of this "grip sandwich." The blade has a black anodized textured finish a trait common with tactical knives. The blade shape is interesting in that while certainly not traditional in either grind or finish Busse did not elect to go with the all to common "Americanized tanto" point so favored among American manufacturers and instead the blade displays a point much more in line with a more traditional Japanese kissaki. The fit and finish seem to be top notch with no sloppy fits or obvious design weaknesses.

Conclusion: If you are looking for a traditional Japanese sword this is not the piece for you. If however you are looking for a non-traditional jack of all trades blade to go camping or hiking with the Ak-47 would seem to fit the bill in all particulars for anything from clearing brush out of your way to providing some last ditch sort of piece of mind if a firearm is not desired or available. You might be scorned by traditionalists but your hiking buddies won't be able to keep their hands of this particular piece.