Christian Fletcher

Christian Fletcher Ranger

Overall Length: 45.5 inches
Blade Length: 35.5 inches
Point of Balance: 5 inches from cross
Center of Percussion: 23.5 inches from cross
Weight: 3.4 lbs
Pommel type: Fantasy Oakeshott Type T Variant
Cross type: Oakeshott Type 9
Blade type: Oakeshott Type 12
Cross length: 9 inches
Blade width at cross: 2 inches
Blade width 2 inches from tip: 0.25 inches

Performance Review: This sword handles very nicely for a sword of its size. It tracks nicely and gives the user a nice balance between point control and cutting power. The Type T pommel is very comfortable and the grip is nice and tacky allowing the user to hang on to the sword.

Appearance: This sword was designed to replicate a certain aesthetic, specifically the "ranger" sword carried by Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings movies. In this regard the sword succeeds admirably. It is not an exact copy of the movie sword, but to the casual observer is very "close." The blade is an Albion XVIa blade and therefore is up to Albion's usual quality standards in finish. Christian Fletcher is the cutler responsible for the fittings and grip and he did a fantastic job. The cross is well made, symetrical and cleanly finished as is the pommel. The grip is much like Albion's standard grips with the addition of a metal ring about half way up the grip. The fit is rock solid as is the construction.

Conclusion: This is an outstanding sword. I personally do not collect fantasy pieces but this sword is so entirely plausible historically as well as being an nice performer with an absolute top notch fit and finish that if I had the opportunity I would not hesitate to pick this sword up.