Cold Steel

Grosse Messer

Overall Length: 42 inches
Blade Length: 31.75 inches
Point of Balance: 4.75 inches from cross
Center of Percussion: 21.75 inches from cross
Weight: 3.5 lbs
Pommel type: N/A
Cross type: N/A
Blade type: N/A

Performance Review: The Cold Steel Grosse Messer is on the economy end pricewise of the sword spectrum and I was therefore pleasantly surprised at the way my particular example handled. As the balance point indicates, the sword was weighted towards the blade to make this a cutting sword, but, since the messer has no point to speak of that can be utilized for thrusting, this is perfectly acceptable. With two hands this sword performed very well and I used it for some cutting against light targets like pool noodles and pumpkins. However, eventually I sold the sword and later learned that the new owner was using it to cut a pumpkin when the worst possible thing that could have happened did, namely a complete blade failure. The blade snapped off cleanly at the hilt. Fortunately no one was harmed. Upon inspection it would appear that the messer had a forging flaw or perhaps an inclusion in the steel that caused the failure. This particular grosse messer also came with a scabbard, but the scabbard was so ill-fitting as to be almost useless.

Appearance: The Cold Steel Grosse Messer is a rough approximation of the ancient weapon. The blade shape is not out of character for a Messer in period, and even the handle in appearance is somewhat plausible. The pommel however is a screw on addition which is a complete anachronism for the period and the cross with its rudimentary side ring appears to have been stamped out of sheet metal and is of atypical form in any respect. The blade was mirror polished and nicely proportioned. The fit at the cross was certainly acceptable on example especially for the price.

Conclusion: Based on the catastrophic blade failure that this apparently normal messer exhibited I cannot recommend purchasing one of these swords even at its very economical price point.