Two Handed Saber

Overall Length: 47 inches
Blade Length: 37 inches
Point of Balance: 7 inches from cross
Center of Percussion: 24 inches from cross
Weight: 3.1 lbs
Pommel type: Oakeshott Writhen T4 variant
Cross type: Oakeshott Type 1
Cross length: 9 inches
Blade width at cross: 1.5 inches
Blade width 2 inches from tip: 0.5 inches

Performance Review: The performance of this sword belies its rather large size. It handles nicely in one hand and really excells when two hands are used. The Writhen Type T guard in particular facilitates two handed use insuring that the user has plenty of room for two handed placement. This sword cuts extremely well against light targets, and is very fast in recovery. I am not sure what the steel is in this particular piece but it has shown a tendency towards rusting easily.

Appearance: This sword is an attractive piece in a sort of sturdy munitions grade way. The blade is fairly plain with no embellishment or indeed a very complex cross section. Simply put the blade looks like the blade on a cutting sword. The cross is again plainly utilitarian although the shell guard on the side and the writhen pommel bring the decorative touches to the sword that it needs to keep it from being a strictly no frills piece. On the example I own the grip is wrapped "baseball bat" style with a thin cord, rather then having a one piece grip. The pommel and shell guard exhibit a few small casting pits. Overall the sword is cleanly executed however with a nice fit and finish.

Conclusion: This is a very nice sword for the money. It hovers between the eminently functional utilitarian and the decorative aesthetic piece with nods in both directions. I picked this one up on the secondary market for less then 200 dollars, and at that price... it was an absolute bargain.