Arms and Armor

Bec de Corbyn

Overall Length: 67 inches
Spike Length: 7 inches
Back Spike Length: 4 inches from cross
Handle Length: 69 inches
Weight: 4 lbs

Performance Review: Arms and Armor cannot really take either the credit or the blame for the handling on this particular piece. When I purchased it (second hand) there was a small length of haft attached but nothing like it should have been. I examined some period illustrations and noted that bec de corbyns could apparently be any length from halberd length to smaller pollaxe length weapons. I opted for the later variation when rehafting the weapon. In this shortened lenght I discovered that the bec de corbyn is a very nimble weapon more so then any of the other pole arms of similar length that I currently possess. This would be expected due to the low mass of the head. Despite its nimbleness the bec de corbyn still strikes with authority thanks to the leverage and momentum provided by the long haft. Both top and backspike are formidable piercing weapons and one supposes that the hammer would also be more then adequate to the job.

Appearance: The haft on this piece is of stained ash similar to what Arms and Armor uses in their own production. Regretfully whoever owned this piece at some time in the past drilled out the langets with large diameter holes to use them as attachment points for the head which is welded to the langets. The only way to make this work I discover was to use some large diamter all thread and some modified carriage nuts on each side of the all thread. This provides at least a superficially historical appearance although if one looks closely it is easy to see that the more typical nailed langet construction is not in place on this piece. The piece had been rather badly battered prior to my owning it but I was able to resharpen the spikes and polish the entire piece out wihout to much effort.

Conclusion: This is another piece of general sale Arms and Armor history that is no longer available in their production catalog and as such I was very happy to get it no matter the condition. I am, however always on the lookout for another example of this particular polearm on the secondary market... and you should be too.