Arms and Armor

Rondel Dagger

Overall Length: 17 inches
Blade Length: 12.5 inches
Point of Balance: 1 inch from lower rondel
Weight: 0.6 lbs
Rondel Diameters: Lower Rondel 1.5 inches; Upper Rondel 2 inches
Blade width at lower Rondel: 1 inch
Blade width 2 inches from tip: 0.2 inches
Handle Length: 4 inches

Performance Review: I have only tried this Rondel dagger against very light targets namely cardboard boxes. As is to be expected for a weapon designed to attack someone wearing plate, mail, or leather armor this Rondel Dagger has no problems with such light mediums. Based on the thickness of the blade (0.25 inches) and it's resulting stiffness I have little doubt that this dagger would be able to perform the task for which it was designed providing the heat treatment is adequate. Since Arms and Armor's standards for such things are at a high level I have no doubts about this dagger whatsoever.

Appearance: This Rondel Dagger is meant to approximate a high quality Rondel dagger of the late 14th to early 15th century. I believe that the guys at Arms and Armor were dead on with this one. They have managed to produce what I believe is probably the finest quality production rondel dagger that is currently available, certainly in the United States and possibly world wide. The blade on this piece is nicely ground with no discernible ripples or tool marks. The blade exhibits a false edge no the last two inches of the blade tip, this false edge was also nicely done. The Rondels are hexagonal in shape and have been fancifully shaped. This adds a huge amount of aesthetic appeal to the dagger. The blade has been spiral carved, again, a very nice aesthetic touch. The finial at the tang that runs through the upper rondel probably started out life as a common bolt, but even this has been shaped to match the rondel in an outstanding bit of detailing. The only minor quibble that I have with this dagger is the use of leather spacers between the rondel and the handle. This is historically accurate but it would have been nice if the tolerances were so tight that this was unnecessary... or course I expect that making the tolerances that tight are entirely within Arms and Armor's capabilities... but not at the ridiculously low price that they sell this fine piece for.

Conclusion: This dagger shows every indication that it is able to perform within historical perameters. Additionally, it's outstanding form and the attention to detail with which it was designed and built make it the only real choice for a production rondel dagger from any U.S. manufacturer and almost certainly world wide. If you want a rondel dagger and cannot afford a custom one then this dagger is the only one to get.