Overall Length: 36.5 inches
Blade Length: 30.5 inches
Point of Balance: 5 inches from cross
Center of Percussion: 20.5 inches from cross
Weight: 2.3 lbs
Pommel type: Oakeshott A
Cross type: Oakeshott 1A
Blade type: Oakeshott X
Cross length: 7.25 inches
Blade width at cross: 2.25 inches
Blade width 2 inches from tip: 1 inches

Performance Review: The blade type of this sword is a type X which is generally recognizable as one of the "viking" style blades. As such one would expect this sword to be suitable for slashing attacks against a sheild wall, but honestly to me this sword felt like it had a lot in common with the type XI swords, that is long swords mostly suitable for use from horseback, where the momentum of both the animal and man lend power to great sweeping cuts. This sword would make a good cutter but in my opinion a rather poor thruster both in balance and because the tip is rather spatulate.

Appearance: This sword is very simple in appearance compared to some of Albion's other offerings. It is absolutely without embellishment of any kind other then the Albion strike mark on the blade. A very utilitarian piece although well put together with tight tolerances and attention to detail which has become a hallmark of Albion.

Conclusion: This sword is certainly not one of my favorites from the Albion line up. That's not to say that it is a poorly designed or executed sword, it's not, far from it. If one is looking for a good cutting sword with rather utilitarian looks this may well be the sword for you.