Jacob Powning

Scandinavian Bastard Sword

Overall Length: 52.5 inches
Blade Length: 37.75 inches
Point of Balance: 4.5 inches from cross
Center of Percussion: 22.5 inches from cross
Weight: 3.5 lbs
Pommel type: Oakeshott Type T
Cross type: Oakeshott Type 9 variant
Blade type: Oakeshott XVIIIe variant
Blade width at cross: 1.25 inches
Blade width 2 inches from tip: .33 inches

Performance Review: This sword is a fairly big piece nearly the size for example, of the Arms and Armor Highland Claymore. However this swords light weight and slender build make it a very quick sword despite it's long length. It tracks easily at the point and can deliver very fast two handed cuts. This sword is more of a finesse weapon then a brutal chopper despite its great size.

Appearance: This sword is visually very striking due mostly to the exquisite carving that Mr. Powning did on the handle. The blade is cleanly executed with no visible ripples or tool marks. The fairly plain fittings were blued to a nice dark brownish black. There is also an elk bone spacer at the top of the handle which has been expertly fitted. The handle, made from some light colored wood is carved in what is often called Hiberno-Norse style. All the tolerances on this sword are extremely tight, the fit and finish are absolutely top notch.

Conclusion: This sword could probably best be considered a fantasy piece. It's general form is that of a late medieval period weapon, but the Hiberno- Norse carvings on handle and scabbard are completely anachronistic on such a piece harking back to a far earlier age. Despite it's fantasy form this sword is an excellently performing piece being a finesse weapon rather than a powerful cutter despite it's great length. Mr. Powning does absolutely exquisite work and I highly recommend him.