Albion Armorers


Overall Length: 36 inches
Blade Length: 29.5 inches
Point of Balance: 4.5 inches from cross
Center of Percussion: 18.5 inches from cross
Weight: 2.6 lbs
Hilt type: Peterson B
Blade type: Geibig 14

Performance Review: This sword is designed to be a meaty chopper and it certainly lives up to its design. Most Viking swords are optimized for slashing but I would have to say that this one appears to be optimized for cleaving. The sword has significant blade prescence and is not as quick on the recovery as some of Albion's other Viking type swords. However I think it also safe to say that it is capable of delivering blows that some of the other Viking swords could only dream about. The only negative for this sword in my mind is the smallness of the grip. Once again I find that this sword is uncomfortable if held and swung in the intuitive hammer grip. As has been noted in other reviews there are various schools of thought as to why this circumstance exists historically and how it is best overcome. Throughout history there has always been a niche for the powerful cleaving sword and this Viking version admirably fills that role.

Appearance: This sword once more meets Albion's high standards of fit and finish. I found this example to be cleanly made from blade tip to pommel. The blade in particular was beautifully crafted, a very clean design with no ripples, scratches or untoward grind marks. The grip was Albion's standard thin leather over wood with a single riser in the middle. This one happened to be brown and was beautifully made. The pommel and cross (or upper and lower terms if we are to use the vernacular popular amongst Viking sword enthusiasts) are simple but nicely executed. On this sword there were no noticeable casting marks.

Conclusion: To my knowledge this is the only single edged Viking sword currently available on the production market. As such and because it is so well done this sword is really a must have for any serious Viking sword enthusiast unless they intend to have a custom sword made sometime down the road.